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Admin January 24, 2024

Exploring Blockchain Technology: The Future of Fintech

While the term Blockchain seems like a complicated concept, it is actually very simple to understand. Just think of your current bank account as a mysterious black box. Instead if it was a clear glass jar, it would be much better because you can see what’s inside and how much you have. That’s the essence […]

Sarthak Shingre March 5, 2023

What does Gen Z expect from banking in Digital Age?

The digital age in which we live is a historical turning point for Banking and Financial Services. For the first time, we see that people who have opened their eyes to the digital age, that is “GenZ”, are actively shaping how the world works. Of course, the digitization process creates transformative effects for all people […]

Sneha Pisal February 20, 2023

Technology can help kids learn about finance

Most people grow up without a lot of formal financial education. This is because their families usually have a good understanding of money and how it can be stressful, but don’t focus on it too much. Hence, Financial education is often withheld from kids. Many times parents are unaware of how technology can help kids […]