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Admin January 24, 2024

Exploring Blockchain Technology: The Future of Fintech

While the term Blockchain seems like a complicated concept, it is actually very simple to understand. Just think of your current bank account as a mysterious black box. Instead if it was a clear glass jar, it would be much better because you can see what’s inside and how much you have. That’s the essence […]

Hiren D May 20, 2023

Noise vs Voice: How to Stay Focused on Your Investment Goals

Investing can be challenging, one will get lots of advice and suggestions regarding investments but it is the investor’s duty to differentiate what might be noise and what might be the voice, and between the chaos of noise vs voice it is important to make sound investment related decisions but having a long-term investment plan […]

Hiren D May 5, 2023

Mango Tree vs Money Plant

Mango Tree: Investment in a mango tree is like planting a sapling that requires years of nurturing and patience to bear fruit. Similarly, long-term investments in equity products may take time to yield significant returns but can provide consistent growth over time. “Patience is a virtue in investing. The best returns are often found by […]

Sneha Pisal April 5, 2023

Saving and Investing: What Every Young Adult Should Know

Congratulations, young adults, you’re officially part of the financial jungle! As you make your way through the world, you’ll encounter two crucial concepts: saving and investing. These financial tools can seem daunting, but with a little bit of guidance, you’ll be on your way to building a strong financial foundation that will last you a […]

Sarthak Shingre March 20, 2023

The Basics of Personal Finance: A Guide for Young Adults

Learning personal finance is crucial for young adults as it can impact their financial future. This guide aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of personal finance basics for young adults. Budgeting: The First Step in Personal Finance Firstly, this is the first step in managing personal finance is budgeting. Budgeting helps allocate income to different […]

Sarthak Shingre March 5, 2023

What does Gen Z expect from banking in Digital Age?

The digital age in which we live is a historical turning point for Banking and Financial Services. For the first time, we see that people who have opened their eyes to the digital age, that is “GenZ”, are actively shaping how the world works. Of course, the digitization process creates transformative effects for all people […]

Sneha Pisal February 20, 2023

Technology can help kids learn about finance

Most people grow up without a lot of formal financial education. This is because their families usually have a good understanding of money and how it can be stressful, but don’t focus on it too much. Hence, Financial education is often withheld from kids. Many times parents are unaware of how technology can help kids […]

Sneha Pisal February 5, 2023

Gen Z has the lowest financial literacy!

Financial literacy is low within each of the five generations—the Silent Generation, Baby Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y, and Gen Z—but is the lowest among Gen Z. As per a recent study conducted by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), only 27% of the Indian population is financially literate. Financial literacy is generally […]

Sneha Pisal January 20, 2023

Why is financial literacy education for teenagers important?

Financial literacy is crucial for teenagers as the “gig economy” grows, pensions disintegrate, and entrepreneurship becomes more popular. Hence, “Financial literacy is important for teenagers” is the topic of discussion. Keep in mind that the majority of the upcoming generation of business owners will likely be bootstrapping their operations since only a small proportion will […]

Sneha Pisal January 5, 2023

Role of Financial Literacy in Women’s Empowerment

Currently, less than a third of the population of India is financially literate. Of these individuals, women in impoverished states make up a disproportionate rate of the financially illiterate compared to men. As financial illiteracy is directly correlated to income levels, it is no surprise that women also live in poverty. The pandemic has further […]