Foundations of Finance

Foundations of Finance
Foundations of Finance
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Foundations of Finance

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This module provides you with a thorough grounding in essential financial principles. This course is divided into three sections: Basic Financial Concepts, Personal Finance, and Financial Markets and Securities.

Section 1: Basic Financial Concepts

In this section, you’ll explore the basics of finance, including the functions of money, the time value of money, interest rates and compounding, inflation, and financial statements.

Section 2: Personal Finance

Discover the fundamentals of personal finance, including budgeting and saving, credit and debt management, retirement planning, and understanding salary structures such as CTC, net salary, components, and deductions.

Section 3: Financial Markets and Securities

This section covers market basics, derivatives, currency, commodity, and government securities. You’ll also learn about futures and options, digital trading platforms, global financial markets, trading psychology, and technical analysis.

By the end of this module, you’ll have a strong foundation in finance, equipping you with the knowledge to make informed financial decisions in both personal and professional contexts.

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